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Underdog I am a firm believer that every single one of us has an
“inner underdog” – that little voice inside of us
that dares us to be great
– in whatever arena inspires us.
It could be music, sports, travel, academia, volunteer
service, research, business, whatever.

What makes an underdog great is the will to get back up and keep going, after most people would have quit. It is about facing the odds and choosing to act powerfully in the face of them. It is about having faith that no matter what the outcome, you will measure success by your own standards, and give your very best. It is about having the courage to pursue a dream that nobody sees but you.

The stories here have been written about real people and their journeys of living an inspired life on their terms. They are people who have inspired me on my own journey
of life, and I hope you will find a “nugget” or two for yourself to spur you on in pursuing whatever makes your heart sing.


An Unlikely Hero

Eric Moussambani Ian Thorpe is one of Australia's most celebrated athletes,
a swimmer with a long list of World and Olympic championship
titles to his name. With the 2000 Sydney Olympics happening on
his home turf, these were his games, with the crowds filled to capacity in anticipation of another World Record. There wasn't
a free seat in the house.

Who would have ever imagined that some unknown 22-year-old from Equatorial Guinea could emerge to steal the spotlight from the World Record holder on the biggest stage in competitive sports?

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A Life Without Limits

Sebastien Sasseville So many of our heroes in society are people who overcame devastating challenges and overwhelming obstacles, and who then committed themselves to being all they could be. Perhaps surprisingly, many say that they wouldn't take back the accident, illness or circumstances that were their "low point", as they wouldn't otherwise have discovered what they were made of.

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Teenage Entrepreneur to Business Mogul: the Journey of a Junkman

Brian Scudamore Have you ever wondered how some business ideas come to life? How does a company or brand become a household name? And why is it that many (if not most) of the world’s greatest business leaders were first mocked in the beginning and told they were crazy?

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Sylvester Stallone's Triumph with Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa With the release of Rocky Balboa in theaters over Christmas, the world got a poignant and impactful conclusion to the Rocky movie series, and Sylvester Stallone defied expectations by earning kudos from critics. After the disaster that was Rocky V, this is sweet redemption, and a triumphant finale for one of the most beloved underdog stories in the history of film.

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