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Q: What is your personal mission?
A: "To champion those who dare to be extraordinary, and inspire others to lead inspired lives." That fuels me from the inside out!

Q: Who would you most like to meet?
A: Eric Moussambani, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Burnett, Cory Booker, Tyler Perry, Blake Mycoskie and Rudy Ruettiger. If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have met Jim Henson - creative genius behind the Muppets!

Q: Why do you love underdogs so much?
A: Because they're in it purely for the love of the game (sport, art, practice, whatever). It's about the pursuit of personal best and daring to push themselves beyond what is comfortable or familiar. In my view, that is a life fully lived, and that kind of courage deserves to be celebrated!

Q: What have you learned that you would most like people to know?
A: That today is all there is, so make the difference you want to make - today. Your legacy as a human being is made up of all the moments of every day you've been alive on the planet, so make your moments count.

Q: Why do you write your "Sandy's Corner" column?
A: For me, writing monthly is a way of sharing with the world what I'm learning, as I learn it. It forces me to collect my thoughts and reflect on lessons that have shaped my life, and to share them with the intention of helping others who may be able to relate. Asking a powerful question like "What have I learned from this?" brings meaning to every situation, challenges my perspective, and focuses my mind the right way. Oh, and sometimes it's just fun to share!

Q: What's it like to live with an illness like Type 1 diabetes?
A: It definitely has its ups and downs and requires constant attention and management, but overall I'm grateful, for it has given me a perspective I wouldn't otherwise have had. I'm very much in touch with my own mortality and the fragility of life.

Q: You seem so happy all the time. Do you ever get down?
A: I have my share of challenges and frustrations like everybody else, but I truly believe that life unfolds as it's supposed to, and it's up to me to look for the lessons and make the best out of whatever situation I'm in.

Q: Do you ever stop?! What do you do to relax?
A: Naturally, there is a balance between going 100mph and taking "down time" to relax and re-charge the mental batteries. There are a few different things I do…meditate, go for a walk on the seawall, take a bubble bath, write in my journal, and I'm a huge movie buff so movies are always a great escape.

Q: Favorite movies?
A: Can hardly limit it to Sandy's Top 10; the list of favorites keeps getting longer! Rudy, Dead Poets Society, The Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans, Under the Tuscan Sun, It's a Wonderful Life, The Blind Side, Gladiator, Million Dollar Baby, When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, Pay It Forward, Pollyanna, The Color Purple, The Notebook, Top Gun, The Power of One, I Am, Ever After, Cinderella, Love Actually, The Matrix, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Sound of Music, Romance on the Orient Express, Love is Forever, Serendipity, Bridget Jones' Diary, Peaceful Warrior, Field of Dreams, Finding Joe, Rocky Balboa, Creed, and the Last Word.

Q: Favorite word in the English language?
A: Possibility.

Q: Now in your 40s, what do you know for sure?
A: Ooooooh, that's an Oprah question! And it's a big one. I would say this: you don't have to have a television show, be a celebrity, or be a 'big deal'ť in order to make a difference in the world. Whatever your sphere of influence - how you live your life , how you treat others, the example you set is the greatest gift you can offer, and that is enough.

Q: Best advice you ever received?
A: Ask for what you want! I have met so many extraordinary people and had some pretty outrageous experiences from simply being bold enough to ask.

Q: What are you most proud of?
A: Being a worthy role model. With the job that I have, the speaking & writing that I do, and how I move through the world with a spirit of love & contribution, I feel very proud of the woman I've become and what I've come through to get here. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to use my life in a meaningful way, and to have the health & vibrancy to keep creating cool projects, stirring things up, and pushing the boundaries of my own potential.

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