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Reinventing the Body & Diet    •   July 2017

Since my knee injury in June, the summer of 2017 hasn't exactly turned out to be what I hoped it would be, but it has somehow turned out to be exactly what I needed on many levels.

What the Health

Knowing that I was going to be sidelined from physical activity for a while, I decided to focus this summer on cleaning up my diet instead. It started when I saw the documentary "What the Health" on Netflix, which inspired me to experiment with removing meat and dairy from my diet for a few weeks. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, and my body certainly felt like it was running "cleaner".

Taking it a step further, I enrolled myself in a more comprehensive whole-body detox program (www.5daydetox.ca) during my vacation time, and enjoyed the additional healing benefits of meditation and yoga, colon hydrotherapy, and infrared sauna. It was a "reset" of my body from the inside out.

5 day detox

I discovered the "5 Day Detox" program with Laura Bloomberg as a recommendation from my integrative medicine doctor. What appealed to me is that it was something I could do without having to travel outside of Vancouver, and all of the food was provided so there was no fuss or planning required on my part. Perfect. It was like doing a wellness retreat, but still being able to sleep in my own bed at night!

I can't say enough good things about the leader - Laura Bloomberg. The energy she brought was so gentle, safe, and loving, and in a small group retreat format - you can feel what it means when someone "holds space" for the group. It felt sacred. You immediately knew that she was there to serve and to teach and to facilitate healing on many levels.

For me, as someone who typically lives my professional life at the speed of "GO!" - this was an opportunity to slow down and expose myself to something new. The weather at the end of July was perfectly blissful, which made our early morning meditation and yoga sessions on the beach particularly healing with the energy of the sun. Each day's program was slightly different, with Laura taking us through a variety of practices to balance and replenish our bodies and spirits. While some aspects of the program definitely felt a bit "weird" and I had no idea what some of them were about (chanting, breathwork, sounding, etc.) - I surrendered fully to the process and felt like a new woman from the inside out by the time I showed up at the office a week later. The week was a full-on immersion in well-being, 100% focused on self-care. My cells felt "alive," my colon was cleansed, my body felt more limber, and my mind was quieter and more peaceful than it had been in a long while.

bean salad!

What started off as a kind of personal science experiment has turned into a much healthier lifestyle now. While I haven't eliminated meat entirely, I've increased the greens significantly and am so much more conscious and deliberate about what I put into my body now. It feels good. The whole diet reinvention has been a wonderful by-product of the freak accident that could have sent me reeling into the vortex of despair, but instead saw me channel my focus into something else.

In any circumstance, there is always a choice in how you respond to whatever life dishes out, and the learning never ends. I wonder what the next new chapter will bring?

With Love & Blessings,

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