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A New Perspective    •   June 2015

Tough Mudder & Scotiabank Half-marathon

On back-to-back weekends in June, I have been lucky enough to witness some pretty big moments. First, I got
to cheer on Team Diabadass at
Tough Mudder in Whistler and watch the entire gang go through severely wet and miserable weather conditions, persevere, and ultimately emerge triumphant and cross the finish line. It was the most epic display of teamwork, courage, and persistence I'd ever seen in real life! Watching them finish together and celebrate was a little bittersweet for me as I had wanted to be a part of the action this year, but I was also spectacularly proud and filled with joy for their achievement.

This morning, it was the
Scotiabank Half-marathon in Vancouver. The finish line was only a few hundred metres from where I live, and the course took the runners right past the front of my building. I have had running events pass my apartment hundreds of times before and never really paid much attention. I don't run and have no interest in running, but this year - I knew at least 4 people in the event and decided to get out and cheer. The thought of running for 21km is almost unfathomable to me, and it sure doesn't look like much fun at all - but as I was watching these people complete the distance, I felt…inspired.

At both events, I felt so proud of the participants for pushing their own boundaries and daring to get in there and do it. I'm not someone who generally likes to sit on the sidelines, but doing so this year gave me an entirely new perspective and an opportunity to interact with some of the people who were there to support others in the event - and hear some of their stories. I spoke to a Mom at the starting line of Tough Mudder whose daughter had lost 70 pounds and had trained for a year to get there. At the marathon, I saw people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities out there pounding the pavement - and many wore t-shirts which gave us an indication of why they were doing it. I stayed until the very end so even the slow stragglers could hear cheers and a cowbell ringing just for them! Watching them finish was witnessing profound personal victory.

Everyone does these things for different reasons, and everyone has a story. And even though I didn't know the vast majority of those people out there today, they inspired me.

This year has been a tough one for me both physically and mentally - months of training and getting stronger, only to get unbelievably sick for a REALLY LONG time, setting me back to zero to start over. I've been looking for the lessons in all of this, and here is a good one:

Joel Osteen quote

So after all this, it's time for something new. I don't think I ever thought I would say this, but I think I would like to learn to run!

Cheers to new beginnings, and continuing personal reinvention!

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