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It Feels Good to Do Good                                                                 May 2008

Over the years, I've had many opportunities to speak at various service clubs, and have volunteered in numerous capacities alongside dedicated and passionate people from all walks of life. It's something that just feels good, and the people you meet are typically happy, humble, and take pride in doing good work.

People who volunteer share a commitment to service and give the most precious resource there is - their time. They put the needs of "we" over "me", and they get joy from knowing that they have been a part of something bigger than themselves.

Lions International

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at a Lions conference and was stunned by all the various activities and projects this international organization takes on to serve the community and help those in need. I had previously had no idea who they were or what they did. They fundraise for charity; they deliver food to the hungry; they sell Christmas trees and man the donation buckets for the Salvation Army; they help out at animal shelters, they host Exchange Students, and the list goes on and on!

There are clubs everywhere, and even youth groups (called "Leos") that enable kids to develop leadership skills and learn through experience just how great it feels to give and make a difference.

John Wesley

Oprah's Big Give

There is so much GOOD out there and so many stories to inspire us all! Now, if only the media could focus on all the good works happening out in the world as opposed to the crimes and drama, I believe we would see a shift in our collective focus as a culture. I was so happy to see Oprah's new show, "The Big Give", as I believe it struck a hungry chord in many people to get up and do something - anything - and to know that it was possible to make a meaningful difference in simple & heartfelt ways.

What I have always believed is that greatness begins in the smallest of actions, at the most pedestrian level, as the actions of one do not go unnoticed. You never know just where someone is at when you extend a helping hand, and even a simple gesture can inspire someone to pay it forward when the time is right for them..

Given that my personal mission is "to inspire others to lead inspired lives," my intention is to share the best stories I can find and be a living example of service and contribution in my own small way.

What about you? What good will you do, and what will your legacy be? How will your life have mattered at the end of the day?

Big questions, but worth pondering. How you answer them could set the course for the rest of your life!

Yours in Service and Possibility,

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