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Angelica    •   March 2017

As I left Nicaragua earlier this year, I felt compelled to do more. Building a home for a family was amazing, and I'll always reflect back on that experience with such pride. But there was another experience that profoundly impacted me and left a hole in my heart - visiting the community of El Limonal. It's a place built up around a garbage dump where the residents pick through the garbage in order to find recyclables and anything of value that can be sold. A small group of us went there to do a soup kitchen and fed ~300 children in a day. There was one little girl in particular who I will forever remember as "the little girl in pink," who inspired my latest project.

the little girl in pink

There was something about her shyness and those sad brown eyes that completely stole my heart, and by some connection of shared humanity - we bonded and she wouldn't let go of my hand the entire afternoon. I don't even know her name. I wondered whether this little girl would ever know another life outside of that place. I wondered if she had any idea that there was a whole other world out there, filled with new sights and experiences and opportunities. Did she even go to school? I had no idea. How could I help? What could I do? I know that for girls in that part of the world, it is especially difficult to escape the cycle of pregnancy and bearing children. Education is the only way out.

Through what can only be described as Divine Intervention (thank you Donald Montgomery and Su Young Chun!), I found Angelica Gonzalez. Angelica is 25 years old, an only child, and the first person in her family to go to university. She was raised by her grandmother and father but lost both due to illnesses a couple of years ago. She had applied for financial help to a group called KEY Education Project so that she could start her fourth year of medical school - and when I read her application letter, I knew I had found "the One".


Here is an excerpt from Angelica's application letter:

My dream is to become a doctor. I don't want you help me because of my sad story but because of my potential to serve, my vocation, my wishes for improvement, and for that desire I have in my heart to be a part of the next generation of heroes in this world. I have dreamed of being part of Doctors Without Borders. I want to give my life to the service of people in need. Dirty shoes and a stethoscope around my neck.

Angelica and I have been in touch through the magic of Facebook and Messenger, and she is working hard, studying, and busy going through exams. We have never met, but I am so proud of this young lady who is doing everything she can to transcend her circumstances and pursue a dream that may have once seemed crazy to think about, and entirely out of reach. Her faith and her will are strong, and this girl is a hero already by every measure.

I am asking for your help. Angelica's tuition is ~$3,000 per year - which I am unable to fund entirely on my own, but with some collective generosity from us, can ensure this young leader fulfills her potential. Please join me to support Angelica if you can, in any amount. You will get an immediate tax receipt by email.

Click Here to support Angelica's Medical School Fund

One way or another - I will find a way to be there for her graduation. What I know for sure is that Angelica will go on to not only help a lot of people, but will inspire a generation of other young girls who want to do something extraordinary with their lives.

If you believe like I do in making dreams come true, let's do this!

With Great Love and Appreciation,

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