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The Best Life Challenge                                                             March 2007

The first couple months of 2007 have been filled with miracles already, and now it's time to create my own by taking on a challenge that I hope will inspire others on a journey to greater health and vitality. I'm going 'pescatarian' (vegan + fish) for 30 days! That's right - no meat, no dairy, no sugar, and no alcohol. Yikes! But I figure I can do anything for 30 days, and afterwards I can find some 'middle ground' to live healthily with everything in moderation.

I was at a health seminar a couple of weeks ago and a plant-based diet was recommended for best health and longevity. I listened with interest, but reluctance. I have been an enthusiastic carnivore my whole life! Pizza without pepperoni or cheese?! Chili or spaghetti sauce without beef?! Noooooo…that just doesn't sound like fun. And I'm all about having fun and joy in my life every day. Restrictive diet? No, thanks.

Then, the following day I was sent an email about a "raw for 30 days" experiment that was being done down in the US with people with Type II diabetes (see here for the video), and I knew that getting the same message about a vegan diet twice in two days was no accident. Something clicked. It was a sign. God was whispering to me! Oprah always talks about how first you get a whisper, then a pebble in the head, then a frying pan, and eventually the whole wall falls on you if you're not getting the message - and I knew I was definitely not doing as well as I should be with my own health management. I could continue to ignore the signs, or I could step up and take some action.

I'm a "leaper" by nature, and I have no idea how I'm going to do this - but I figure jumping in is the best way to get started and I'll figure it out as I go. I have committed myself to this 30-day experiment in front of my entire diabetes community for the month of March in order to create some accountability, and now it's turned into an adventure I'm actually excited about. It may not be Everest or a marathon, but it's a big stretch and an enormous challenge for me!

I'll be blogging my experiences on the message boards of PeoplewithDiabetes.ca
and I'm curious to see what the effects will be on my body and how I will manage to make changes in my life that I have resisted for years. I'm not much of a cook. I have an extraordinarily busy life and a chaotic schedule. I love food and have a sweet tooth. I don't expect this to be easy and am more than a little afraid about potentially caving in halfway through. But I am doing this under the supervision of my naturopath, and I know it's healthy. And what I know about myself is that I can be superhuman when it comes to doing something that will make a difference for other people.

I see so many health problems in our Western culture that are largely brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise. If I can break my own bad habits, my hope is that it can inspire others that it can be done. 30 days to form new habits and get on the path to living my best life and being a healthier me? I'm game! Bring it on!

Cheers and a smile,

PS. If you would like to join me and take on a 30-day challenge of your own to address an area of your life that needs attention, let me know!

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