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Moments & Miracles                                                                       July 2007

The older I get, the more I come to realize that life is merely a long series of moments. Most pass you by without much notice or meaning, and then there are those that just take your breath away.

Perhaps surprisingly, I find that the truly unforgettable moments are usually the most simple - just pure moments of connection, of emotion, and of being fully present "in the now". It doesn't take much to create them but an awareness and intention to notice when they happen.

Years ago, I had one very special encounter with a man named Harvey who had a shopping cart and was busy collecting cans and bottles in my neighborhood. When I saw him, I'm not sure what prompted me to pull over, but I pulled up beside him and gave him all the empties I had in the trunk of my car. He was initially taken aback that someone would even notice him, but when he saw that it was a gesture of kindness, he softened instantly, started smiling, and we got into a dialogue.

He told me with great pride that he had been sober for 14 years. He told me about his family and his past. He even shared the mistakes he had made that brought him to life in the streets. The honesty and the regret in his voice were obvious. It was a little shocking to have someone be so "raw" and vulnerable with me right away - after all, I was a complete stranger! But there was a moment when our eyes met like a freeze-frame in time, and our souls connected as if to say "I see you."

It was only a brief interaction, but it taught me something: we're all only human, after all. Every one of us makes mistakes. And every one of us has a story.

I believe the one thing we all want more than anything in this life is to be acknowledged - to be seen for who we truly are, to be heard, and to feel that we matter.

If we each had the courage to let our guard down, to withhold judgment, and to look for the best in one another, I believe the world would be a very different place.

The next time you're out & about, take a moment to reach out to a stranger. Smile, look them in the eye, and see what happens!

Cheers and all my love,

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