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A Gift of Transformation                                                          February 2008

We have all heard the expression, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
I am convinced more than ever that this is a universal truth, and the teacher can appear out of nowhere. While we may have heard the same message 100 times before, something magical happens when we are ready to hear it - and somehow we are never the same again.

I had what can only be described as a "defining moment" recently, re-connecting with a friend I had met only briefly a year before.

Monarch pupa

He saw greatness in me at a time when I didn't see it in myself. I didn't feel like I was a "somebody" yet. And he knew very little about me, but we connected instantly at a soul level that neither one of us can really understand. A couple of weeks ago, he shared with me what an impact I had made on his life, simply by being who I was.

He said that it inspired him to know me, that I was someone he admired for being out there taking risks, "swingin' for the fences" and pursuing my heart's desire. Whether or not I was making a living at it was irrelevant - I was speaking and writing and doing the thing that I figured I was put on the planet to do - and I didn't let fear stop me from doing it.

I wept with joy at his words, and for him having the courage to speak them. It was perhaps the greatest compliment I'd ever been given - and I didn't have to be a huge success at anything to deserve it…just me.

Monarch butterfly

I have spent so many years "in the process of" building the foundation for a dream to unfold - taking all the necessary steps, accepting the learnings, going through all the hard knocks - and I haven't "made it" yet. I am still drowning in debt and I am neither an author (yet) nor a television personality (yet) - and I still haven't met Oprah (yet)! Will all of the effort, heartache and sacrifice over the years ever amount to anything?

I have none of the trappings of success, but what I do have is an inspired life, and I'm proud of the woman I've become.

The "breakthrough" moment happened when I realized that who I am is already enough.

Just me. Right now. Who knew?!!!

All My Love,

PS. For my dear friend who prompted this epiphany, thank you for your honesty and courage. You've given me more than just friendship. You've given me wings!

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