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A Personal Timeout                                                                December 2007

In families with small children, when the kids are getting out of control, they are put in a "timeout". In sports, when the game is at a critical point and strategy & tactics need to be adjusted, the coach calls a "timeout". In short, a "timeout" is an opportunity to press 'Pause' and re-assess before getting back in the game, activity, or life in general.

I have generally found that no matter what happens in my life, there are no accidents - and there is a message and a "wink" from the universe to guide me toward whatever the next thing is that I need to learn. And it's time for a personal "timeout".

You may have noticed that I've been remiss in writing my column for the past couple of months. There was a massive confluence of events in October unlike anything I've ever experienced, and let's just say that I am only now starting to come up for air. In October alone, I got back from vacation and was thrown into a swirl of activity at work; I packed up and moved into a new apartment; I planned an out-of-town surprise reunion; I prepared and delivered the biggest speech of my life at the national CDA conference; and then had another two speaking engagements back-to-back the following weekend. WHEW!

While it's been a wild & exciting time filled with so many unforgettable moments over the past couple of months, it has been simultaneously bittersweet as I am plagued with guilt for not also keeping up with my commitments to PeoplewithDiabetes.ca, my own website, and a business magazine that I write for down in Texas. Can you say, "overloaded"?!!! The pace has been staggering.

And in all of this, while my intention has always been "to inspire others to lead inspired lives" - I had forgotten about the one person who needs to be a role model of living an inspired life: ME!

I love to say "Yes! Count me in!" on opportunities and projects that inspire me. I love to contribute to meaningful causes. But what I'm learning now is that an inspired life isn't about saying yes to all the opportunities and projects that inspire me, but rather about making inspired choices that bring me joy and bliss and gratitude for being alive - and deciding to pursue only those that I know I can manage and still be happy & well.

So, over the coming months, there will be some major life changes as I take a personal "timeout" to revisit all the things I'm involved in and make some difficult choices.

I'm afraid of disappointing people. I'm afraid of saying no. I'm afraid of being perceived as a flake by backing out of some things. But most of all, I am afraid of getting sick or having diabetes complications start to set in that would prevent me from manifesting all the gifts and the potential that are within me to give.

It's time to focus, re-prioritize and create some new strategies going forward. To put it in sports terms - if I haven't even hit the halfway point in the game, and I'm this tired, then a "timeout" is definitely needed!

Stay tuned, as I feel a major breakthrough is imminent and there will be much to share.

Cheers and much love,

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