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Going the Distance                                                             April / May 2007

I just watched "Rocky Balboa" again tonight (for the 5th time!), and was again touched by the message of not giving up and giving it your all to "go the distance" in your life, regardless of the outcome. I am in awe of the miracles that start to show up after you get knocked down, dust yourself off, stop whining and decide to GET UP.

What many of you don't know is that I went through a "meltdown" of sorts in the fall of 2006. While I generally prefer to stay positive and don't make a habit of announcing my disappointments and defeats to the world, I've come out on the other side of what was a devastating time in my life. After 4 years of fighting to make it on my own as an entrepreneur, the last quarter of 2006 beat me into submission. I had almost lost it all, including the hope that had inspired all of my business ventures. I had creditors breathing down my neck from the mountain of debt I had been carrying for years, no financial institution wanted to help, and cash flow wasn't materializing fast enough. With no insurance, no medical coverage, and nobody else to rely on but myself, I was a dental problem or a car issue away from financial disaster every single day. The stress was killing me.

My pride didn't want to accept that things had to change. I spent weeks bemoaning the injustice of it all, wondering where I had gone wrong, and how "God" could let something like this happen to me. Wasn't it supposed to be "my turn" to win at some point? I have worked my entire life to try and make a difference, and it just didn't seem fair. I had invested every penny I had into developing PeoplewithDiabetes.ca, but was too close to it to realize that as a business model, it simply wasn't sustainable the way it was.

I did a lot of whining & sniveling before I reached the inevitable conclusion that I had to get a full-time job, or face bankruptcy. It just seemed like a colossal failure to me, like I was accepting defeat - and that I would now be stuck in "cubicle hell" doing some meaningless job to make a living. I had no idea how I was going to survive or what my future would look like.

And then I went to see "Rocky Balboa" in the theater on December 20th. It was a major turning point. I knew that somewhere, deep down, there was a tiny flame that had been re-ignited from the entrepreneurial ashes of my life.

The quote that gave me hope again was this:

Fighters fight. I decided in that moment that I wasn't going to give up. Even if I had to work a couple of part-time jobs to keep things going, I wasn't going to let the dream die. And the moment my energy shifted, the energy of the universe started to shift to support me - and life simply hasn't been the same since. It is utterly astonishing how quickly everything has changed over the course of a few months.

Not only did I land a job with a phenomenal company in the diabetes space which I absolutely love, but I get to continue to make a difference doing meaningful work, and the spirit of PeoplewithDiabetes.ca continues to grow with several volunteers stepping up to help out. Everything has expanded, and none of this would have come about had I not gone through the challenges of last year. I still can hardly believe it.

AND, I also recently got to fulfill one of my life's wildest dreams…I GOT TO RUN THE ROCKY STEPS!!!!! For those who know me personally, you know what a big deal this is. Through a bizarrely serendipitous sequence of events, I made it to Philadelphia and did the victory run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and stood there and wept with joy at the symbolism of it all.

I share this experience with you in the video included here on this page, and encourage you to consider what "going the distance" means for you in your own life. You never know what's beyond just one more try…it just might be your time.

Cheers and all my love,

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